KOVIT is specialized in supplying abrasive materials for industrial, electronical, optical or other special applications.

Our field of application includes: Optical lens/glass, touch panel, cover glass, crystal oscillator, silicon wafer, LED, metal polishing, blasting, ceramic and much more.

KOVIT only supplies the best available tools in the market to our valued customers, and that means tools with better efficiency at lower cost. We are able to run various detailed analysis on chemical and physical characteristics of a product in house.

If you are looking for a serious tool for your serious job, come on in, we will most likely have an answer for you.


Kovit 科源應材股份有限公司,源自於台灣、日本早期有名研磨材製造商,後來在大陸成立 福利得超細粉體(蘇州)有限公司,致力於精密研磨、拋光、填充劑的研究,尤其在生產細粉,微米、亞奈米、奈米等級的一些研磨材料,在刮傷的控制上,在粒度分布的選擇上更是有自己一套技術,突破精密研磨材料都是由外國人生產,台灣只是經銷跟販賣的局面。現在更在台灣成立科源應材股份有限公司,這次更加入了日本的化學技術支援,從傳統的單一粉體產品進階到研磨液或研磨器具。