Product lines
Glass/lens polishing.
Other polishing agent &

Kovit has 4 main product lines, and they are mostly for electronical, optical and basic industrial usages. On top of that some of these materials are great ingrediants for making various types of ceramic parts.

For some of the products we offer them in slurry form. With our in house special blend of dispersion agents, we are able to improve the efficiency and life-time of these abrasive slurry. The slurry's PH level can be modified according to your specification.

We do provide full techical assitance on usage of these products,

1. 光學用,包括各式濾光玻璃或保護玻璃之減薄,拋光。
2. 研磨跟線切割用,各式平面研磨所需材料,及多刀線切割材料。
3. 工業用,跟表面處理用。
4. 研磨液以及其他化學藥劑(分散劑、防鏽劑、潤滑劑等)。